The Rise of Google Remarketing

The chances that you’ve ever heard of Google Remarketing may be slim if you’re a consumer. But if you’re a business owner, or have ever been in a position related to marketing and advertising, then Google Remarketing may sound familiar to you.

What is it?

Simply put, Google Remarketing is a second (or even third) chance to make a great impression and win the prize – higher visibility, and brand recognition. Think of a dating app where one might miss an opportunity to connect with the right person, yet with a finger “swipe right,” they have multiple opportunities to try again. Google Remarketing is quite similar in that it offers a business another chance to make the right impression to the right audience.

A relatively new tool, Remarketing is the best way for businesses to remind visitors to come back to their brand. Whether online or in a physical location, technology has become so advanced that it can be creepy, puzzling, and mysterious to those who don’t understand how Google Remarketing works. The idea is that you, the buyer, has looked at a particular item online, or in person at a store. If you ultimately don’t make that purchase, chances are that you will finally give in very soon. Remarketing ads are used on competitors’ websites to show savings, discounts, and value, while also keeping a connection with the site visitors who didn’t become buyers. This tool can also help determine what audience is best for a green pair of running shoes beyond the shoppers who looked at those shoes the longest (and added them to a wish list or shopping cart).

Remember When You Wanted That?

Businesses are now able to remind shoppers of the items they were interested in, and put product-focused advertisements anywhere to beat out their competition. From YouTube, to shopping apps on your phone, it has become easier than ever for businesses to win back customers.

Furthermore, remarketing ads have much higher click-through rates and conversion rates than typical display ads: The effectiveness of Google Remarketing ads only increases with more impressions, and ad fatigue is much lower compared to other display ads.

So the next time you go shopping and see ads for a product you recently expressed interest in, don’t be surprised. It’s not magic! It’s just a Google AdWord Remarketing campaign that effectively did its job.

Not So Fast.

As a business owner, you must keep in mind that those users have the option of opting out of seeing your retargeting ads by adjusting their settings in accordance with the AdChoices program.

However, your Google Remarketing costs will vary depending on how your campaigns fit into your online marketing strategy as a whole. In general, Google remarketing ads are some of the most cost-effective ad campaigns available to online advertisers, and is well worth the investment.

Whether a consumer, or business owner, everyone can find an appreciation for Google Remarketing for its simplified use, and beneficial targeting to let buyers know about deals and savings. Of course, as the tool matures it will likely improve for both business owners, and consumers.